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Buying a Knuckle Boom Truck

Buying a Knuckle Boom Truck

Hello, guys, Peter Thomson here with Quabbin Community Band. So my buddy Brian in Orlando has an expanding trash removal company and is looking for a knuckle boom truck to add to his business. I have never heard of the term knuckle boom truck, but when he explained to me what it was, I had a clear picture in my head. It is a truck with a trash grapple that uses that grapple to lift up debris to the back of the truck and take it for disposal. He asked me if I can do a quick internet search to see if I can find anything for him, and I quickly stumbled upon the company Petersen Industries that is located not too far from him.

He offered to pay me to help him out in the acquisition of his new knuckle boom truck, so I thought why not make a quick buck. When I called Petersen Industries, they were nice enough to give me all the details of exactly what I was looking for. They explained to me the different types of trucks that they can offer me and all different variations. They also explained to me all of the various uses of the trucks, which was very insightful. At the end of the day, I was able to give all of that information to Brian, and he was very appreciative.

Petersen Industries also offers maintenance on purchased knuckle boom trucks. If for some reason the crane or something else on the truck begins to be faulty, you can bring your truck into Petersen Industries, and they will take care of the problem for you. Their prices are also some of the best in the industry. From the purchase of the actual truck itself to the maintenance, the pricing that Petersen Industries offers its clients is amazing.

What if you need one of these knuckle boom trucks just for the weekend? What then? You are not going to spend all of that money just to purchase a truck that you are only going to use once or twice. That is why Petersen Industries offers rentals for all of their trucks. If you are not a professional in the industry and are looking to use one of the trucks for maybe a day or two, this is probably your best option. The rental prices are just how you would expect any type of pricing from Petersen Industries to be, affordable. These prices cannot be beaten by anybody else in the industry!

Whether you are in the business of trash pickup, or you need a large amount of debris picked up from your property, Petersen Industries has the right knuckle boom trucks for you. With the choice to either buy one of these trucks or to rent them, they have something for anybody. I would recommend the services and products of Petersen Industries to anybody looking for these types of trucks for themselves or their business. From the phone operator to the acquisition of the truck, the whole process was nice and smooth, just how it should be.

Youngstowns Fiber Drums

Youngstown’s Fiber Drums for Brian

Fiber DrumsHello everyone, Peter Thomson here with Quabbin Community Band. So in one of my previous blog posts I mentioned that my friend Brian has an expanding disposal business and that he paid me to help him find a truck that he can use in his business. Well, good old Brian got back to me yesterday and asked me for another favor, and of course, I said yes because Brian pays well. He asked me if I can find him a company that has fiber drums for sale. After extensive research, I discovered the perfect company that can help Brian out and help me get paid for my services, Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co.

Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co. has a wide variety of fiber drums for sale. They come in a broad range of different sizes and types. You can get a fiber drum anywhere from one gallon to 75 gallons! The various types of fiber drums are leverpaks, liquipaks, weatherpaks, and allfi, all serving different purposes. The leverpaks are the standard of fiber drums and use a lever-locking ring to hold on the cover. Liquipaks are used to transport non-hazardous liquid. Weatherpaks contain different materials than a regular fiber drum to withstand weather conditions. Allfi means that the fiber drum is all fiber, and no metal is used in the container.

Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co. does not just have fiber drums for sale, but all kinds of different drums. They offer their clients plastic drums, steel drums, salvage drums, composite drums, and every kind of drum that you can think of for multiple purposes. When you call Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co. and explain to them what you need the drum for they will tell you which drum you need to purchase. They are very professional and know exactly what they are talking about. When it comes to expertise, Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co. is top notch.

When Brian asked me if I can find him fiber drums for sale, I had no idea where to start. When I found Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co., it took all of my troubles away. I called them not even knowing what a fiber drum was, and they explained to me what it is, the materials it is made out of, and the different uses of the drums. They even went on to explain all of the other drums that they have for sale and the various uses of those drums as well. I know Brian is going to be happy with what I found him because I did my research and Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co. helped answer any of my questions.

If you or anyone that you know is looking for a company that has fiber drums for sale or any other type of drums for sale for that matter, look no further, give Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co. a call. They have the knowledge and expertise to answer any of your questions and help you get exactly what you are looking for. They prices they offer are also very competitive. Some of the most competitive prices I have encountered on the market. Give Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co. a call, you will not be disappointed.