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Transmission Repair in South Florida

Transmission Repair in South Florida

Hey everyone, Peter Thompson here with Quabbin Community Band. So last week, as we were making our way back up North, our faithful van started making some more sounds. This time, the sound was coming from under the hood. We felt like there has been something wrong with the transmission for a while because getting the van in gear has always felt a little problematic. We knew that our van was in serious need of some transmission repair. As we were driving by we notices a shop that seemed to specialize in transmission repair. The shop is called AMS Jet Transmissions, and we are glad that we found it.

As we pulled up to AMS Jet Transmissions, we noticed that the shop seemed very organized and clean, an excellent sign when it comes to a car repair shop. We walked into the shop and started to explain to the head mechanic what the problem was, and he suggested that we get a transmission fluid change. We took his word for it and left the shop. The quote that he gave us was extremely reasonable and honestly we thought it was a little too good to be true. These guys specialize in transmission repair, so maybe they can fix the problem without any hiccups.

About a couple of hours, after we left the shop, AMS Jet Transmissions gave us a call and said that our van was ready for pickup. We got to the shop, and there it was. When we ignited the engine, it sounded smooth and was not making that noise anymore. We took the van for a little test drive and felt that the transmission was working properly, and the sounds that were coming from the engine before were not there anymore. We were pleased to see that AMS Jet Transmissions had done their jobs perfectly and promptly. When it comes to transmission repair in South Florida, there is no one else for you to go to besides AMS Jet Transmissions.

AMS Jet Transmissions specializes in transmission repair, and they can fix any problems that you may get from your transmissions. If you have a leak from your transmission, they can fix that within no time. If you hear a grinding noise coming from your engine or your car is shaking for no reason, they can fix that issue as well. If you have a burning smell coming from your car, it is probably the transmission, and you should bring your car to the shop. Whenever you see your check engine light turn on, just know to take your car to AMS Jet Transmissions.

When it comes to transmission repair in South Florida, AMS Jet Transmissions is the best. The can fix your transmission problems and have your car running within no time. I would definitely recommend the services of AMS Jet Transmissions to anybody living in South Florida and is having problems with their transmission. The customer service and expertise is just the beginning. Their prices are outstanding, and you will not regret giving them a call to fix your problems.