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Blowing Out Key West

Blowing Out Key West

4343684_lSo you know how we rock? We rock hard, a lot, and we will rock hard until the day we die. We are the Quabbin community band, and we just blew the roof off west key west!

You had me, Jason, Ryan, Bobby, and the new kid, Banana.

Our agent told us we have to get something to set us apart, so we hired a kid named banana to dress up as a banana at our concerts you know why? Cause our shows are freaking bananas!

So we got invited this past weekend to show up at a place in Keywest and run through a show, and the air was electric! There was a thunderstorm.

We got out there, and we did our thang, and we had some salmon, and we went out on some boats with some guys claiming to be record producers, and the rest from there is history. Seriously, it’s history, I don’t remember what happened, and we can’t figure out where Banana went, but we are going back north after that!

Anyway, we’ve got a couple of shows coming up, and we are going to list them here:

PeterRumble Pit in Lorena, FL

Red Sky Arena in Atlanta

The Grecian Leaf, in New York (Clothing Optional Venue)

Check us out if you get the chance. Otherwise, we are going to talk about the future of the band.

So you guys remember Banana from a few paragraphs ago? Well, he’s no longer with us, and we need to hire a new banana guy. Luckily we have an extra banana suit so if you know any friends who are in between 6’4 and 7’0 and they want a nonprofit job rocking out 24/7, send them our way.

Alright, that’s it for us guys. Remember if you are looking for a great selection of houses in Key West, then call us!