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The Time We Built a Stage

The Time We Built A Stage

The band Quabbin Community Band has become even more popular in the past couple months. When we first started making public appearances, the crowds were small groups of twenty-thirty people. After our performance at the neighborhood Christmas party, we have been getting a little bit more buzz. The number of fans at our shows was starting to show it too. It seems like everyone is beginning to become our fans.

After the Christmas party, the next show for the band was two weeks away, and it was going to be a birthday party at the Quabbin Community Center. Everything is always ready for the show since my friend Joe who calls himself the band’s manager always makes sure everything is ready at least two weeks ahead of each performance. So the only thing that was left for us to do to get ready for the show was practice our songs until we were perfect.

During our performance at the birthday party, everything was running smooth until the crowd started to get a little bit too close to the platform we were performing on. They were so close that one of the kids reached out and touched the drums. After the performance, we had a band members only meeting to discuss the issue. After about a 20-minute meeting, we had found a solution.

The majority of our performances are held at the Quabbin Community Center. So we came up with a plan to build a stage at the community center. The first thing we did was get permission from the people who run the community center. Joe took care of the small problem, and we were ready to start building within the next three days.

We had all the supplies we needed Because Johnny, our drummer’s dad owned a carpenter shop. The only things we were missing were some power tools to make our life easier. When we went to pick up the supplies that were needed to build the stage at Johnny’s dad carpenter store, he told us about a friend he had at National Tool Supplies. He said his friend at National Tool Supplies would be able to help us with our power tool problem.

As soon as we left the carpenter store, we called the phone number he gave us for his friend at National Tool Supply. He answered the phone, and I introduced myself and told him who I was. I told him what we were planning to build. He helped us.

All of our problems were resolved. We thought we can take it easy from here but then Johnny asked us to come with him to Dallas to help him move apartments. We were really not up for it after the whole ordeal so we set him up with the best Dallas Movers we knew of, Busy Bee Movers and they hooked him up with some affordable rates!

Flyers from Cornerstone Printing

Flyers from Cornerstone Printing

Hello everyone, Peter Thompson here with Quabbin Community Band. So naturally, every band out there has to figure out a way to get themselves a little more exposure. We thought that the best way to do this was to go old school and make some flyers! We had no idea where to start, though. How does someone even make flyers. We checked online for different companies that would be able to do this job for us and found ourselves the perfect candidate in Cornerstone Printing. We did not know how the whole process would turn out, but at the end of it all, we are happy that we call Cornerstone Printing for what they described as an offset printing job.

Once calling Cornerstone Printing, the phone operator explained to me what they do and how they can service our needs. She told me that if we would like to cut costs and get the most bang for our buck, then we should have our flyers created through the process of offset printing. This type of printing is best for if you have a large amount of print-outs, which in our case is exactly what we needed. The phone operator knew exactly what she was talking about and was very knowledgeable and helpful.

At the end of the conversation, she gave us the final price. We were astounded, in a good way; because we knew this was an extremely competitive and affordable price compared to some of the other quotes we had received from other companies. We ended up completing the order with Cornerstone Printing, and we are glad that we did. When our flyers arrived they were exactly how we imagined them to be, incredibly vibrant and saturated. We thought the flyers looked incredible. When handing out the flyers to our fans, the response was fantastic. Everyone knew that these were professionally made flyers, and we could not have asked for much better feedback.

Cornerstone Printing offers other services besides just offset printing. If you are looking to have just a few flyers made for you, then you can have them do digital printing. With digital printing, you do not have to spend money on an amount of prints that you just do not need. You get exactly what you pay for, and that is that. They also offer direct mailing services. They can print out a job for you and have all of your products shipped out to the right people that you have requested. If you are looking to print something in a large format like a poster, Cornerstone Printing is there for you. They can print posters, banners, and even over-sized photos.

Whether you need the services of Cornerstone Printing for offset printing, digital printing, direct mailing, or large format printing, they are there for you. They are extremely knowledgeable and their years of experience can be felt when dealing with them. I would definitely recommend their services to all of my family and friends that are looking for a good quality, printing service.

A Show in Aventura

A Show in Aventura

Hey guys, Peter Thompson here with Quabbin Community Band. So last week, the boys and I had a little show in South Florida. The show went great, and everyone loved us! After we left the show and put all of our gear in the van, we started hearing a squeaking sound every time we would press the breaks in the van. We knew this was an issue that we had to take care of right away; we felt like our lives were in danger! After looking for a while for a shop that can help us out, we stumbled upon Aventura Brakes & Auto Center, a local Aventura auto repair shop that specializes in breaks. We knew we found the right shop to fix our van.

Once arriving at the shop, we were greeted by a very nice man asking us how he can help us. We explained to him the squeaking noise coming from our breaks, and he knew exactly what we were talking about. He told us to leave the van with him for a few hours, and they would have the problem resolved within no time. We asked him what the price was and to our amazement, it was not something that we would not be able to afford. We gave the nice man our keys and went to get some lunch.

A few hours later I received a call from the Aventura auto repair shop claiming to have already fixed our breaks. I was somewhat skeptical as to how they could have fixed the breaks in that short of time, but we headed towards the shop being optimistic. As we got there we saw our van, took it around the block and to our surprise, it was in tip top shape. We went to pay the invoice, and we were happy to see that they did not charge us for any additional fees. We paid the man and went on our way.

Aventura Brakes & Auto Center does not only do a fabulous job of fixing breaks; they are a full-service auto repair shop in Aventura. If your check engine light is on, take it to them to diagnose the problem. It can get hot in Florida, so if your AC is broken, they can fix it within no time. Just like any top-notch auto repair shop, they also offer affordable oil changes and tune-ups that will not break the bank. If you want the performance of your engine to be optimized, do yourself a favor and head over to Aventura Brakes & Auto Center.

If you are looking for an Aventura auto repair shop, look no further, Aventura Brakes & Auto Center is here for you. The friendly staff and knowledgeable mechanics will get you back on the road within no time. If we are ever on the road again in South Florida and need auto repair services, Aventura Brakes & Auto Center is who we will call. I highly recommend their services to my family, friends, and to my fans in the South Florida area. The service is excellent, and their prices are affordable!