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The Time We Built a Stage

The Time We Built A Stage

The band Quabbin Community Band has become even more popular in the past couple months. When we first started making public appearances, the crowds were small groups of twenty-thirty people. After our performance at the neighborhood Christmas party, we have been getting a little bit more buzz. The number of fans at our shows was starting to show it too. It seems like everyone is beginning to become our fans.

After the Christmas party, the next show for the band was two weeks away, and it was going to be a birthday party at the Quabbin Community Center. Everything is always ready for the show since my friend Joe who calls himself the band’s manager always makes sure everything is ready at least two weeks ahead of each performance. So the only thing that was left for us to do to get ready for the show was practice our songs until we were perfect.

During our performance at the birthday party, everything was running smooth until the crowd started to get a little bit too close to the platform we were performing on. They were so close that one of the kids reached out and touched the drums. After the performance, we had a band members only meeting to discuss the issue. After about a 20-minute meeting, we had found a solution.

The majority of our performances are held at the Quabbin Community Center. So we came up with a plan to build a stage at the community center. The first thing we did was get permission from the people who run the community center. Joe took care of the small problem, and we were ready to start building within the next three days.

We had all the supplies we needed Because Johnny, our drummer’s dad owned a carpenter shop. The only things we were missing were some power tools to make our life easier. When we went to pick up the supplies that were needed to build the stage at Johnny’s dad carpenter store, he told us about a friend he had at National Tool Supplies. He said his friend at National Tool Supplies would be able to help us with our power tool problem.

As soon as we left the carpenter store, we called the phone number he gave us for his friend at National Tool Supply. He answered the phone, and I introduced myself and told him who I was. I told him what we were planning to build. He helped us.

All of our problems were resolved. We thought we can take it easy from here but then Johnny asked us to come with him to Dallas to help him move apartments. We were really not up for it after the whole ordeal so we set him up with the best Dallas Movers we knew of, Busy Bee Movers and they hooked him up with some affordable rates!