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Welcome to Quabbin Community Band!

Welcome to Quabbin Community Band! My name is Peter Thomson; the Quabin Community Band is a band that three of my close friends and I put together about five years ago. When we first started the Quabbin Community Band, we were just a group of friends who got together five days a week in our parents garage.

The Quabbin Community Band wasn’t always called the Quabbin Community Band; we were initially called the Garage Boys. Talk about the band quickly started spreading around town and soon everyone in Quabbin was talking about the Garage Boys.

One of the band’s biggest accomplishments was the day we were asked to play at the Mayor of Quabbin’s charity walk. We were all excited, and we knew there would be at least one or two people in the crowd that would know who the Garage Boys were. When the day of the event came, we were a bit nervous, but we were ready. We had practiced every single day and night leading up to the event. We practiced till we couldn’t get it wrong anymore.

When we took the stage at the event, everyone was sitting in their chairs and looking at us. I looked over at my neighbor Timmy who was our drummer, and I gave him the go ahead nod. Timmy hit his drumsticks together and started playing. Before the Guitar and the bass could join in everyone in the crowd was standing up and clapping. With the adrenaline running through me I screamed out “Are you Ready Quabbin!” and the crowd response was amazing.

The next day all the whole neighborhood and even the next town over was talking about our performance. Everyone in the neighborhood wanted to be in the band. We were in need of a few more members, so we held open tryouts. The line for tryouts wrapped around the entire block! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to accept everyone, but we did add five new members to the band. That was the same day that we realized we were more than the Garage Boys, and we took a vote, and everyone agreed on the Quabbin Community Band.